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The widest choice of Advanced Level Courses...

​Thomas Rotherham College specialises in offering a wide range of subjects at Level 3 or Advanced Level. Most of these are general a​cademic courses, but they include a range of vocational courses. We offer the widest range of Advanced courses in the area.

Your Stud​y Programme at TRC will:

  • take you on to the next appropriate level in your education following your achievements at school.

  • be of sufficient size and challenge to stretch you and enable you to progress to an appropriate destination at the end of it. You will, except in exceptional circumstances, be enrolled and required to remain on the equivalent of at least 3 subjects at level 3 and 4 subjects at level 2.

  • include GCSE English and/or Maths or a stepping-stone Maths qualification if you have not already achieved at least a grade 4 in these subjects.

  • help you to develop employability skills and knowledge of career opportunities through work experience or other events and activities.

  • offer you other experiences and opportunities that will help develop the character, skills, attitudes and confidence that will support your progression to a suitable destination at the end of your time at TRC.​

How many Advanced level courses can I study?

  • Students will in nearly all cases take 3 A levels or A level-equivalent subjects. Guidance through the application process should ensure that you choose the right courses from the outset. A change of course period is available in the first month of teaching for the minority of students who find that they have made the wrong choice for them but after this students need to stick with the 3 subjects on their timetable.

  • Students who are taking Further Mathematics will take 4 A level or A level-equivalents including Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Further Maths is a good choice for very able Maths students who know that they want to go on to Maths, Physics, Computing or Engineering at university.

  • Students with exceptionally strong GCSE results (mainly A or A* grades at GCSE, giving an average GCSE score of at least 7.0, where 8.5=A*, 7 = A, 5.5=B) might want to take an additional 4th subject to AS level alongside their 3 A levels. This is recommended for students in this position who aim to apply for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine or for certain science courses at the most selective universities.

  • ​For some, but by no means all, of these particular degree courses, it is helpful for students to have studied four from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths beyond GCSE level. An AS level is taken at the end of the first year (Lower Sixth) and the subject is then dropped. The small number of students taking AS will be taught as part of the A level class. As the vast majority of the class will not be taking the AS examination, revision lessons for the AS exam will not be built into the teaching programme. 
  • Students with GCSE scores of 7.0 and above not aiming for these particular degree courses will be advised against studying 4 subjects as high achievement and depth of coverage in 3 subjects are the key ingredients in successful applications in the vast majority of university courses.
  • Students will receive guidance from the College at interview and enrolment on the best combination of subjects for them, given their interests, strengths and aims. You can also contact TRC at any time for further advice. 

  • A levels are examined at the end of the two years – students are examined on the whole course covered over the two years. There will be internal College exams during the first year of study. Success in these internal exams is necessary for progression to the second year (please see entry requirements for details).

  • Students might wish to stretch and challenge themselves by taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This option is offered to high-achieving students towards the end of their first year of study at TRC. 

  • Students who have not achieved grade 4/C in English Language or Maths at GCSE have to be enrolled onto these courses (or an interim equivalent in Maths) until they have passed with a grade 4 minimum.​

What if I want to do Advanced​​ courses but don't meet the entry requirements?

There is also a range of full-time courses for students who achieve mostly D grades at GCSE. These can lead on to Advanced courses at the end of a year, or directly into modern apprenticeships, employment or further education at other colleges.

How do I cho​ose my courses?

Look up the details of all the courses you are interested in and see which combination will work best for you. You then make a provisional choice on your application form and when you come for interview at TRC we'll discuss these with you and make sure you're enrolled on the programme that best meets your interests and fits your ambitions and talents.

Aim high!

TRC students achieve great results, often better than they thought themselves capable of. Be realistic in your choice, but don't be afraid to be ambitious - if you're prepared to work hard, we'll make sure you have the best chance of success!

High flying students are encouraged to consider application to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In the past 11 years, 55 TRC students have received offers from Oxbridge colleges. The College collaborates with Cambridge University as the hub institution for the latter's HE+ scheme in Rotherham, involving extension activities for very able students aiming for highly competitive universities.​