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​​​​Biology A Level

Level                 3

Qualification      A Level

Duration            1-2 years








What will I study?

Development of Practical Skills

This covers the skills of planning, implementing, analysis and evaluation.


Foundations in Biology

This includes cell structure, biological molecules, including DNA and enzymes, followed by the study biological membranes, cell division, cell diversity and organisation.

Exchange and transport

This covers the structure and function of the gas exchange system, and animal and plant transport.

Biodiversity, evolution and disease

You will study communicable diseases, disease prevention and the immune system followed by biodiversity, classification and evolution.


Communications, homeostasis and energy

This module covers excretion as an example of homeostatic control, the nervous and endocrine systems, plant and animal responses to environmental change, followed by photosynthesis and respiration.


Genetics, evolution and ecosystems

You will study the control of cellular activities, genetics, genome manipulation, cloning and biotechnology.  This is followed by ecosystems, populations and conservation through sustainability. 


Study Visits

Field work, conservation and will include day trips. 



No more than £25 per day trip. 



Written examinations.

Practical endorsement.


Entry Criteria

GCSE Science (2 x Grade 6) 6 in Biology if taken separately. Grade 5 Maths.


Useful Supporting Courses

This course links very well with all other sciences, including Geology and also with PE, Psychology and Health and Social Care. 


Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Nursing and Micro-Biology.