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​​Chemistry A Level


Qualification A Level


2 years

Chemistry 2017.jpg

What will I study?

The course is taught with a combination of theory and experimental work in modern dedicated chemistry laboratories. The Chemistry A Level course offered at TRC offers a broad introduction and insight into to the three branches of chemistry: organic, inorganic and physical.

Synthesis and analytical techniques will examine main homologous series including alkanes, alcohols and arenes. Within the study of these topics important reactions and mechanisms will be covered. The problem solving aspect of chemistry is extensively covered by chemical analysis which considers both hydrogen and carbon NMR along with IR and mass spectrometry.

Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry will focus on using bonding and structure of explain key trends in the periodic table as well as transition metal chemistry and their importance in many aspects of everyday life. You will learn about enthalpy, entropy, rates, equilibria, acids and bases.  You will calculate pH values and enthalpy changes amongst other calculations using graphs.

Unified chemistry covers more detailed questions from the other two main areas and also practical techniques


Written examinations.  Practical endorsement.

Entry Criteria

GCSE Science (2 x Grade 6).  6 in Chemistry if taken separately. Grade 6 Maths.  


Useful Supporting Courses

This course links very well with other sciences and is particularly important for students wishing to follow a career in medicine or related fields.  ​

Students have gone on to careers in / as:

Pharmacy, Medicine, Health Care Scientist, Biomedical Science.