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​​Computer Science A Level



Qualification A Level


2 years


What will I study?


Year 1

1 Fundamentals of programming.

2 Fundamentals of data structures.

3 Fundamentals of algorithms.

4 Theory of computation.

5 Fundamentals of data representation.

6 Fundamentals of computer systems.

7 Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture.

8 Consequences of uses of computing.

9 Fundamentals of communication and networking.


Year 2 (Above in more detail, plus)

10 Fundamentals of databases.

11 Big Data.

12 Fundamentals of functional programming.

13 Non-exam assessment - the computing practical project.


Study Visits

University visits focused on studying Computing courses at Sheffield University & Sheffield Hallam University.



Paper 1 (40% of A Level):

• On screen exam with practical programming & short answer theory questions.

• Using a skeleton  C# program.

• Topics 1-4.

• 2 hours 30 minutes.


Paper 2 (40% of A Level):

• Written exam with short & extended answer questions.

• Topics 5-12.

• 2 hours 30 minutes.


 Non Exam Assessment (20% of A Level):

• Assesses a student's ability to use the knowledge and skills gained through the course.

• Must solve a (real-life) practical problem.

• Large scope for potential projects.

• Able to use any language or IDE (may require your own laptop).


Entry Criteria

Grade 6 Maths.


Useful Supporting Courses

Students often combine Computer Science with Mathematics and Science subjects.

Computer Science should not be taken with BTEC IT.


​Students have gone on to careers in / as:

Data analyst, Information Systems Manager, IT Consultant, Web Designer.