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​English Language A Level


Level                      3


Qualification         A Level

Duration                2 years


What will I study?

Students will study varieties of English and explore the richness of the language, both spoken and written.  Students will develop a range of technical skills to enable them to discuss language varieties analytically.  There will be opportunities to explore attitudes to language diversity in the British Isles as well as World Englishes. In addition students will explore the development of language over the centuries and the study of the process through which children develop language, spoken and written.

In the second year A level students will produce an investigative piece of coursework and an original piece of writing which will be worth 20% of the final grade.


Study Visits

Day schools at local universities.


Normally no more than £10 per visit.


A level: there will be five hours of external examinations (80%) plus internal assessment of coursework (20%). 


Entry Criteria

Grade 5 English Language.  


Useful Supporting Courses

This subject links well with English Literature. It also goes well with foreign languages, Media Studies and will fit almost any combination of subjects.



Journalist, Copywriter, Advertising and Marketing.