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​Film  A Level

Level                   3

Qualification        A Level

Duration             2 years

Film Studies.jpg 


What will I study?

Film is the major art form of the last century and is of great cultural significance. This exciting course is designed to deepen your enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of film as an art form. As a Film student you will study a wide range of films and experience a variety of innovative teaching and learning methods that are designed to ensure you enjoy achieving the highest possible grades and become a confident, independent learner. The course will help you develop academic skills in research, critical analysis and reflective evaluation that you can transfer to other courses and careers. You will learn how to write formal essays, confidently apply theory and conduct research which will benefit you in all of your studies at College and beyond.


An active and creative approach to filmmaking will be encouraged as you write, shoot and edit your own film sequences - learning technical, creative and practical skills. No prior experience of filmmaking is necessary: the aim is that you will learn by creatively engaging with film technique. In the coursework you will have the option of filmmaking or creative writing depending upon your interests; many film students maintain their own YouTube channels and Screenwriting blogs to showcase their work. You will have opportunities to submit your film journalism and creative work for competitions and publication as your study of Film develops. All Film students will contribute to class activities and your personal response to films will be highly valued.


You will get the chance to experiment with filmmaking and screenwriting whilst closely examining a variety of films from past and present American, British, European and Global cinema. By the end of this course you will have a detailed knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of film forms such as narrative cinema, documentaries, silent film, experimental film and short film as well as sophisticated academic, practical and creative skills that will equip you for lifelong learning.


Study Visits

A variety of trips and visits will be available throughout the year in addition to some opportunities to meet visiting speakers from the Creative Industries. Trips and visits in the past have included:

  • Annual TRC Media Studies Awards Ceremony in June.

  • University of Sheffield Film Festival.

  • The York Short Film Festival.

  • BFI London Film Festival and Harry Potter Studios.



Students may wish to buy DVD/Blu-Ray copies of the films that we will be studying, although copies will be available in the LRC. There may be some cost for cinema tickets, trips etc.


Two exams (70%) and Coursework (30%).


Entry Criteria

Grade 5 in English Language or English Literature.  


Useful Supporting Courses

English Literature, Photography, Art, Media, English Language, History, Languages, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology.



Film/TV production, Journalism, Creative Writing, Research, Education, Documentary/ News production, Multimedia design, Advertising and Marketing, Theatre and Events Management.