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History A Level


Qualification A Level


2 years


​What will I study?

You will be studying a wide range of material, looking at different countries and time periods. This will help you gain a wide-ranging knowledge of history with English, American and European aspects to the course.  You will study a very varied time period from Tudor England to events during World War 2. The course will also offer the opportunity to study the American Civil War along with its causes and consequences.  This is a fascinating part of American history and with huge significance, most notably with the ending of slavery.

Tudor England 1485–1603

You will study the whole of the Tudor dynasty from Henry VII through to Elizabeth.  This is a key period in England's development with religious upheaval, unrest and rebellion and the establishment of England as a significant power.  The course will also look at fascinating individuals such as Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I along with all the scandal and intrigue at court.  The unit is assessed by examination.

The American Civil War: A Nation Divided 1845–1877

This unit looks at the causes, event and consequences of one of the most significant conflicts of the modern world.  More American soldiers died in the Civil War than in all other conflicts America has been involved in added together.  The United States divided over issues such as slavery, taxes and States' rights and fought a 4 year war that changed America forever.  The unit includes looking at the ending of slavery, the presidency of Lincoln, the failure of compromise and the attempts to heal the divisions once the war ended.  The unit is assessed by examination.

Coursework: Option 1 – Causes of and Responsibility for the Holocaust

This coursework unit will involve investigating the causes of one of, if not the most infamous events in human history.  Through the study of documents from the time and the views of historians you will carry out a detailed investigation into the key themes.  You will study the arguments about when the Nazis took the decision to carry out the 'Final Solution' and also the controversy over who should be held responsible. Should the blame lie solely with Hitler, the SS, or the German people as a whole?


Or Coursework Option 2 The Development of the Civil Rights Movement


This coursework unit will involve investigating the development, successes and challenges experienced by the Civil Rights Movement from 1877 through to the modern day.  Through the study of documents from the time and the views of historians you will carry out a detailed investigation into the key themes. You will study the arguments about the significance of different civil rights leaders, the role of the Supreme Court and other issues such as the impact of war.

Study Visits

A number of day and half-day visits to be confirmed.


Students are advised to buy a textbook. Otherwise minimal costs.


2 exams (AQA 7042/1C and 7042/2J)  and a piece of coursework. 


Entry Criteria

 Grade 5 English Language.  Grade 4 in History (if taken).


Useful Supporting Courses

English Literature/ English Language, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Modern Foreign Languages.


Students have gone to careers in / as:

Lawyers, Company Managers, Banking and Finance, Museum Education Officer, Archaeologist, Heritage Manager.