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​​​Psychology A Level


Level                  3
Duration            2 years

Qualification    A Level



What will I study?

In your first year you will begin by learning about the fundamentals of psychology – how psychologists collect their data and what makes the subject scientific. You will also explore the major theoretical approaches underpinning psychological explanations and this will include developing your understanding of bio-psychology.  You will then go on to look at some of the key topics that interest psychologists including; psychopathology, social psychology, attachment and memory.


In your second year you will study research methods and statistics in more depth as well as topics such as gender, eating behaviour and aggression.


In each topic you will look at a range of concepts, theories, studies and applications as well as evaluative issues relating to them. 


Throughout the course you will also develop your own research skills by carrying out a range of practical investigations. This will enable you to develop your knowledge of research methods, statistics and approaches to psychology.


In order to do well in psychology exams you need to be able to remember a lot of information and to write both short and long essays as well as applying your knowledge to specific scenarios. You will be required to do a lot of reading and writing over the two years.



Psychology is assessed entirely thorough three exams each lasting two hours. You will sit all of your exams in the summer of your second year.  There is no coursework.


Each exam is assessed through a mix of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.


Entry Criteria

Grade 5 Maths.  2 x Grade 4 Science. Grade 5 English Language.  


Useful Supporting Courses

Links very well with Biology, Maths, Philosophy, Sociology and English.  It can be taken with any other A Level.


Students have gone on to careers in / as:

Psychology, Medical Professions particularly Mental Health, Legal Professions including work in prisons and with offenders