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​​​Sociology A Level




Qualification A Level



2 years


What will I study?

Society is a varied and exciting place and Sociology studies who we are and how we fit into our culture. Sociologists are interested in how we gain our identity based on our gender, ethnic, age and social class differences and how these impact on our lives. We take a critical look at the inequalities and injustices in British society.

Our course covers many aspects of modern life. We look at changes to the family, the impact of the media including social media and the digital world, deviance and crime, education and global concerns. We also look at how sociologists conduct research. It is an academic and theoretical subject.


Year One:

Education, Research Methods and Family/Households.


Year Two:

The Media, Advanced Methodology and Crime and Deviance.



Year One:

Two 90 minute exams including extended essay writing.

Year Two:

Three 2 hour exams covering all content from years 1 and 2.


Entry Criteria

Grade 5 English language.  Grade 4 in Sociology if taken.


Useful Supporting Courses

English Language, Government and Politics, History, Media, Philosophy and Health and Social Care.

Students have gone on to careers in / as:

Probation Officer, Public Relations Officer, Human Resources Manager.