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BTEC Certificate / Extended Certificate in Applied Law​


Level                    3

Qualification       BTEC Certificate / Extended Certificate

Duration              1 - 2 years


What will I study?


Law is a great subject for students who enjoy discussion and analysis of a broad range of today's major legal and ethical issues. Should the law allow a man who has murdered his mother to inherit her money if he has been named in her will? Should a man who strangles his partner in his sleep be found guilty of murder? If you find part of a decomposed snail in a bottle of soft drink and you have drunk the rest, can you sue? The subject involves you in the research and study of these and numerous other legal problems.


National Certificate

Module 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law
What is negligence and do you owe a duty to those around you? What types of damages can you be awarded in court? Where can you seek legal advice and what if you don't want to go to court? This module explores the fundamentals of taking a civil case to court and provides a detailed understanding of the core legal structures.

Module 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System
This module will involve an investigation of the role and function of judges, lawyers, juries and magistrates, find out what they do and if they do it well. In England, why are judges allowed to make laws? How does this work? What about Parliament and the EU? How do judges interpret the laws before them? What do the terms actus reus and mens rea mean? What is a life sentence and when would an offender receive one? How does sentencing work in criminal courts? Your investigation will cover an expansive study of the different legal concepts that govern criminal responsibility and a comprehensive understanding of how law is made and applied.


National Extended Certificate

Module 3: Applying the Law
This module involves everything from murder and manslaughter to crimes of passion. If an individual is subjected to years of domestic violence and finally snaps; killing their partner, are they guilty of murder? What are your rights if arrested and detained by the police? This module develops your understanding of some of the most serious criminal offences. 

Module 4: Aspects of Contract
An often over-looked area of law, but the one in which most lawyers make the biggest sums of money. This module focuses on the central elements of contract law from the formation of contracts to their enforcement. Can you write anything in a contract, or can it then become void? An incredibly important topic of study that'll revolutionise your understanding of making even the simplest of purchases.


Study Visits

There will be study visits to Crown Court and Magistrates' Court and an opportunity to visit the Nottingham Galleries of Justice.



There is no charge for visits to local courts.  Other day trips will normally cost approximately £16.



External Assessments

Module 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law – 1.5 hour examination (case study provided two weeks in advance of exam) Examination in May/June 2019.

Module 3: Applying the Law – 2 hour examination (case study provided two weeks in advance of exam) Examination in May/June 2020.

Assignment Assessments

Module 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System.

Module 4: Aspects of Contract will be completed through coursework.

Teaching will be provided and then controlled assessments will take place during the year. Many units are assessed through projects devised by teachers, including portfolios, role plays, observations and presentations.


Entry Criteria

General Level 3 entry requirements.


Useful Supporting Courses

Links very well with a number of subjects including: History, Psychology, English, Economics, Business Studies and Sociology and can be taken with any other A Level/BTEC.