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​​BTEC Level 3 Certificate / Extended Certificate / Diploma in Applied Science


Level                3


Duration           1-2 years




What will I study?


The course is laboratory based with integrated practical work, lectures, group work and discussion.

During the first year you will study two mandatory units to achieve the BTEC certificate:


Principles and Applications of Science

This unit is assessed through a written external examination. The unit includes aspects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. You will learn about the structures and functions of different cells and identify them using a microscope. You will study atomic structure, bonding and will gain a foundation in quantitative Chemistry. You will also study the properties of waves and their use in communication.


Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques

This is assessed through internally marked coursework. An introduction to standard laboratory equipment and techniques e.g. titration, calorimetry, chromatography, calibration procedures and lab safety.


During the second year a further two modules can be studied to gain the BTEC Extended Certificate in Science. One of these units is based around scientific investigations and will include an externally set and marked practical task. The other unit is theory based and involves the study of Human Biology.

Students can also choose to take the BTEC Applied Science Diploma which is equivalent to two A levels. This would involve completing the Extended Certificate in year 1. In the second year a further four modules are studied including a second examined unit. This will include topics from Chemistry including organic chemistry, Physics (thermal Physics, materials and fluids) and Biology (cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems).


Study Visits

Possibility of some day visits.


No more than £15 per study visit.


External examinations and internally assessed coursework assignments.

Entry Criteria

General Level 3 entry requirements.


Useful Supporting Courses

This course would provide useful underpinning scientific knowledge for students studying a Health and Social Care, Psychology or Sports Science course.​



Pharmacy Technician, Lab Technician, Research Support Assistant.