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Level 3 Diploma In Criminology


Level                   3

Qualification       Diploma (Applied General)

Duration              2 years



What Will I Study?


Year 1

Unit 1 – Changing Awareness of Crime. This includes types of crime, reported and unreported crime, crime statistics and media portrayal of crime.


Unit 2 – Criminological Theories. This includes biological, sociological and individualistic theories about why people commit crime.


Year 2

Unit 3 - Crime Scene to Courtroom. This includes forensics, the role of the police and the role of the Crown Prosecution Service.


Unit 4 – Crime and Punishment. This includes formal and informal control, the criminal justice system and types of punishment.

Study Visits

These will typically include visits to the Magistrates and Crown Courts in Sheffield, the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham and possibly a prison. Forensics teams, the Police Service and the Probation Service will be invited into college to help with the application of the subject to real world scenarios. 


Travel costs of our day visits, as outlined above.


Unit 1 and 3 are tested using controlled assignments (coursework, 50% of overall marks).


Unit 2 and 4 are externally set exams (50% of overall marks). These are 90 minutes and there are 3 questions (comprised of short and extended answer questions) based on a problem solving scenario. This qualification is graded on a scale of A-E


Entry Criteria

General Level 3 entry requirements.

Useful Supporting Courses

Sociology, Psychology and Law.


Students have gone on to careers in / as:

Crown Prosecution service, courts probation, prison service, youth offending.