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GCSE Media Studies


Level                       2

Qualification           GCSE

Duration                 1 year



What will I study?

For the Media Studies B322 exam unit you will study how action adventure films are put together to create meaning for audiences.  You will be studying how comedy programmes are targeted to different audiences across different channels. This is worth 40% of the course.

For the Media Studies coursework unit B321 you will investigate how horror films represent gender, including screenings of Psycho and The Babadook. You will also be producing a print advertising campaign for a new horror film as part of this investigation. This is worth 30% of the course.

For the Media Studies coursework unit B324 'Production Portfolio' you will complete an advertising campaign on a consumer product of your choice such as an energy drink or a new fragrance. You will design all the logos and take all photographs yourself. This is worth 30% of the course.

You will learn how to use DSLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 to produce your coursework.

Study Visits

It is highly likely you will visit the Showroom Cinema to watch an action adventure film that will help you complete B322 examination unit.


Costs minimal for any study visits. 



The course is split - you will be completing 60% coursework and 40% exam.

The examination will be in May/June.


Entry Criteria

General entry requirements for Level 2. An interest in using ICT / computing is desirable.