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IGCSE in Spanish


Level:          1/2 Certificate

Duration:     1 year


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This course is available to any student on a level 2 programme in college and also to those taking 2 A levels who haven't studied GCSE Spanish and would like to add this to their list of qualifications.


Why study a language at GCSE?

  • The course is designed for those seeking to improve their job mobility and employment prospects. In addition, you will gain an extra asset to use when going on holidays abroad.

  • Modern Languages are considered 'facilitating subjects' by Russell Group Universities - i.e. seen as an advantage to any course of study in HE.

  • Prospective employers are actively looking for people who can interact and communicate easily with others. A language course will help you to develop those essential skills.

  • Employers say they don't just want specialist linguists, but people with skills such as engineering,
    business, law, chemistry, economics, etc. who also can speak a foreign language.

  • Scientists and engineers need languages. Many travel and work throughout the world for companies which are multinational.

  • Some university courses require a qualification in a Modern Language in their entry criteria.

  • Specifically, for those students who would like to go into a Teaching Career in the future, it will also help them with their UCAS applications with certain universities. Since September 2014 languages are taught in schools from Year 7 so the qualification will set you in a good stead for the future.

What will I study?

Spanish is the third in the list of the world most spoken languages. It is spoken by more than 400 million people in more than 20 different countries. In the USA, for example, knowing Spanish can be helpful in healthcare or education.

This is an exciting language course which will teach you how to understand and use the language to
communicate in a variety of scenarios: meeting people, shopping, school, college and holiday experiences, talking about lifestyle and future plans, etc…

Topic 1 - Socialising
 Meeting people
 Personal interests
 Friendships and relationships

Topic 2 - Travelling abroad
 Going on a trip
 Holiday preferences and experiences
 Being a guest and a host

Topic 3 - Being part of a community
 Home and local issues
 School and college
 Helping others

Topic 4 - Making choices
 Lifestyle choices and impact
 Material choices
 Future plans and ambitions



Four exams: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing* (each of them worth 25% of the marks)

*A dictionary will be permitted for the Writing exam, but not for the others.


Entry Criteria

General Entry Requirements for Level 2


Useful Supporting Courses

Links very strongly with A Levels in Law, Economics, Sports and English Language.