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​​​​Spanish for Beginners



Qualification  Certificate in Practical Spanish



1 year

What will I study?

If you have never studied Spanish before and are a complete beginner in the language, this course will enable you to learn enough to be able to get by in a range of situations abroad. These could include: meeting Spanish people, understanding and replying to messages and texts, shopping, eating out in bars or restaurants, making bookings in different establishments or asking for directions when visiting a Spanish town or city.


You will be able to link your language study with business or simply holidays! You will have an extra asset when applying for a job or when you go on holidays to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country with your family or friends. Don't forget that the EU Commission has declared foreign languages to be a 'new basic skill' for lifelong learning and citizenship. In every environment, speaking languages will give you access to the whole world. ​


Entirely through internally set tasks during normal lessons. All these tasks are sent for external moderation at the end of the course.


Entry Criteria​

Standard Level 3 entry criteria; no previous knowledge of the language is required.


Useful Supporting Courses​

This course links very strongly with all Business / Law / Economics / English Language courses. 

It is designed for those who are seeking to improve their job mobility and employment prospects; for those who are studying another language, it is an ​​ideal chance to gain further language skills and enhance their career opportunities.


There are many careers where Spanish can be used: travel/overseas placements, business, teaching, journalism, the media, translation/interpreting, sales and marketing.