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Entry Requirements 2018

Level 3


1)      New students entering from Year 11

A minimum of 5 minimum grade 4/Cs GCSEs [1 of which could be a GCSE equivalent qualification] in 4 different subjects including English Language. There are also course-specific entry requirements - see individiual course pages.

The requirement for students to have achieved at least 4 of the 5 A*-Cs in actual GCSE subjects can be waived if a student wants to study a BTEC/technical-based programme.

A student not achieving the level 3 entry requirements solely because he/she had not achieved a grade 4 in English Language would not be allowed to study a complete level 3 programme but might be allowed to study one A level/level 3 BTEC in a subject in which he/she had achieved an A/Distinction at GCSE/level 2. This would be alongside a mainly level 2 programme.

The College also makes use of Advanced Level Information Systems (ALIS) information to help students onto the correct courses. Based on national statistics, this shows the minimum levels of average GCSE achievement which students require to be likely to achieve beyond a basic pass in a particular A level subject. The table shows the minimum GCSE score needed to take certain subjects.


2)      TRC progression students

General entry requirements as above. Additionally, TRC progression students need to have achieved a minimum of 3 GCSEs at 4 or above, including Merits in Vocational subjects if taken, in the courses studied during their year at TRC and to have good records of attendance (90% minimum). Our experience shows that TRC progression students general achieve better on vocational level 3 courses than on A levels and you will be fully advised on this at your progression interview.

TRC students who do not meet the progression criteria for level 3 and reapply the following year need to have achieved relevant qualifications in the interim, comparable to those required in the TRC progression year.


3)      New students joining from a year 12 level 3 course at another institution

Where students have studied the same specifications as followed at TRC transfer might be possible for the second year of study where a student's circumstances require this – e.g. a move to the area from another part of the country. A satisfactory reference from the student's previous school is required.

More usually students wanting to apply here after a year at another institution are looking for a fresh start on different subjects from the ones they have taken. In these instances the student must have a supportive reference – indicating a good record of effort - from the institution where they have studied Year 12 courses and they need to have strengths in the subjects they now wish to study at TRC, evidenced by B/6 grades in these or related subjects at GCSE, in addition to the standard TRC entry requirements.


4)      New students joining from a year 12 level 2 course at another institution

General entry requirements. Additionally these students need to have successfully completed the level 2 course taken in Year 12 and to have a supportive reference from the institution at which this course was taken.


Level 2


16 points achieved in 6 GCSE subjects, [for this calculation C or equivalent=4, D=3 etc.], including at least a grade 3 in English, and the potential to meet TRC level 3 entry requirements at the end of the level 2 year at TRC. Students who have already completed a Year 12 Level 2 course at another institution will not be eligible for a further Level 2 course.


1)      Non-traditional route (to level 2 or 3 dependent on screening results)

The following students will be eligible for the non-traditional entry route.

• Students who because of serious illness have not been able to take the full range of GCSEs.

• Students who have been in the country for less than 2 academic years.

In both the above circumstances students will be able to complete a Skills for Life Screening Assessment and placed on appropriate courses.


2)      Progression from Lower to Upper Sixth

Students need to achieve passes in at least 2 subjects, either in internal exams in A level subjects or the first half of their BTEC/technical course and have maintained a good level of attendance in order to guarantee progression from Lower to Upper Sixth.



3)      Readmission to TRC for students who have passed fewer than 2 subjects is allowed only in exceptional circumstances:

• Serious problems beyond the student's control have severely disrupted his/her work. A student in this position would be re-enrolled on the most appropriate course.



• The student has attended and worked well (90% attendance and good effort) but chose an inappropriate combination of subjects and

• has strengths in other subjects in which places are available in the Lower Sixth, these strengths being evidenced by B/6 grades in those or other related subjects at GCSE.