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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this section to answer the most frequently asked questions by prospective students and their parents/carers.  If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please call us on 01709 300600 or email

What courses can I study at TRC?

We offer a wide range of A level and vocational courses, plus Sports Academies and a Level 2 programme.​​​​​

What are the​ entry requirements?

A minimum of 5 minimum grade 4/Cs GCSEs [1 of which could be a GCSE equivalent qualification] in 4 different subjects including English Language. There are also course-specific entry requirements  ​

How ma​ny Advanced Level courses can I study?

  • Students will in nearly all cases take 3 A levels or A level-equivalent subjects. Guidance through the application process should ensure that you choose the right courses from the outset. A change of course period is available in the first month of teaching for the minority of students who find that they have made the wrong choice for them but after this students need to stick with the 3 subjects on their timetable.

  • Students who are taking Further Mathematics will take 4 A level or A level-equivalents including Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Further Maths is a good choice for very able Maths students who know that they want to go on to Maths, Physics, Computing or Engineering at university.

  • Students with exceptionally strong GCSE results (mainly A or A* grades at GCSE, giving an average GCSE score of at least 7.0, where 8.5=A*, 7 = A, 5.5=B) might want to take an additional 4th subject to AS level alongside their 3 A levels. This is recommended for students in this position who aim to apply for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine or for certain science courses at the most selective universities.

For some, but by no means all, of these particular degree courses, it is helpful for students to have studied four from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths beyond GCSE level. An AS level is taken at the end of the first year (Lower Sixth) and the subject is then dropped. The small number of students taking AS will be taught as part of the A level class. As the vast majority of the class will not be taking the AS examination, revision lessons for the AS exam will not be built into the teaching programme.

Students with GCSE scores of 7.0 and above not aiming for these particular degree courses will be advised against studying 4 subjects as high achievement and depth of coverage in 3 subjects are the key ingredients in successful applications in the vast majority of university courses.

Students will received guidance from the College at interview and enrolment on the best combination of subjects for them given their strengths, interests and aims. 

Can I come and look around the College​​?

Yes, we have two Open Evenings each academic year.  These provide a fantastic opportunity to visit the College to chat to the teaching staff and current students about the courses you are interested in, to see our great facilities and to learn more about the support and enrichment available to our students.  You will also be able to find out about the financial support available, transport to the college and be able to meet with our Careers Advisers to gain independent advice and guidance about your study path and career ideas. ​

How do I get to TRC?

Our students travel from across South Yorkshire.  TRC is located on Moorgate Road, which is about a 15-20 minute walk from the centre of Rotherham.  Buses leave the central Rotherham Interchange every 10 minutes which pass the college and the journey time is approximately 5 minutes.

We also run our own dedicated TRC bus services from many areas to ease travel to and from the college.  ​

What's it like at College?

College is different in some important ways from school whilst still providing excellent support.  You will be treated as a young adult in a supportive environment and encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning.  Staff and students work together at TRC and the environment is less formal, for example students are not required to wear uniform and teachers and members of staff are addressed by their first names.

Students from across Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster attend the college and you will therefore be mixing with new people and making lots of new friends with similar interests and career aspirations.

There are plenty of activities and events taking place during lunchtimes which students can get involved in.  These are in addition to the enrichment programme that we offer.​

How many students are there at TRC?

There are approximately 1500 students divided between the Lower and Upper Sixth. ​

How do I apply?

You can apply online through the UCAS Progress application system, once your school has issued you with your individual log-in details. 

Alternatively, you can complete a paper application form available to download from our website and returning it to us.  ​​​

What is the deadline to apply?

Students must submit their application by 4th May in order to attend our Induction Course, later applicants will be accepted but will not be able to attend induction.

Are there any fees​?

Courses are free to students aged 16-18. ​

What are t​​he results like?

97% overall pass rate for the class of 2017, including 25 courses with a 100% pass rate.

58 leavers in 2017 with straight A*/A grades or Distinction. ​​​

What can I​ do after leaving TRC?

We have high progression rates to universities including Oxbridge.  Our students also enter paid employment after leaving college, start a higher level apprenticeship, or work towards a vocational qualification at a number of local and national HE providers. 

19% of our 2016 leavers proceeded to Russell Group universities.  In the past 11 years, 55 students have received offers from Oxbridge colleges.  The College collaborates with Cambridge University as the hub institution for the latter's HE+ scheme in Rotherham, involving extension activities for very able students aiming for highly competitive universities.  ​

What facilities a​re available to students?

There are some great facilities available at TRC including:

  • Excellent Learning Resources Centre

  • Student social and dining area

  • Canteen and vending machines

  • IT Suites and Wi-Fi throughout most areas

  • E-learning facilities

  • Student MyDay student portal

  • Lecture Theatre

  • On-site Sports Centre including Gym, Dance Studio and full-sized Sports Hall

  • All weather pitch

  • Extensive grounds and sports pitches

  • Some student car-parking

  • Prayer Space

  • Drama and Performance studio

  • Music studios

  • Science labs

  • Art rooms

  • Media suites

  • Well-equipped classrooms​

What support is available at the College?

The College has an experienced team of staff who are available to provide support to students with specific learning difficulties and/or disabilities.  The team can also provide support with essay planning, revision techniques and organisation of work.

As a student you will have your own Progress Tutor.  They will meet with you regularly in both whole group sessions and on an individual basis to monitor your academic progress and help you to plan for your future.  They can also help you settle in and support your personally during your time at College. 

In addition, we have a team of Counsellors, Careers Advisers, Learning Mentors and a Bursary Adviser who can be contacted directly by students for advice and guidance.   ​

What financial support is available?​

The College has bursary funds.  These are available to help students who may be experiencing difficulty in meeting the costs of their learning.  Eligibility is based on an assessment of gross household income and if eligible, assistance is available towards the cost of travel (during term-time), books, equipment, meals and essential study visits.  ​

What enrichment activities does the College offer?​​

TRC offers an extensive range of additional activities to complement the academic programme including:

  • Sign Language

  • First Aid

  • Driving Lessons

  • Rock Climbing

  • Work Experience

  • College Production

  • Debating Group

  • Student Newspaper

  • Dance

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award​

Do I have to come for an interview?

All students will be invited to a pre-entry interview at the College and we will send you an interview appointment shortly after we have received and processed your application.  ​

What will happen during my interview?​​

During your interview we will discuss your choice of subjects, predicted grades and career aspirations and ensure the courses you have selected will be right for you.  We will also have a look through your progress/report file.  You may bring your parents/carers to the interview for support and will be able to ask any questions you may have about TRC or being a student at our college. ​

What will the College day be like?

The college day is as follows:

Monday                      9.00am to 4.15pm

Tuesday                     9.00am to 4.15pm

Wednesday                9.00am to 3.00pm

Thursday                    9.00am to 4.15pm

Friday                         9.00am to 2.40pm

.. but you won't have classes all of the time. 

What will my timetable be like?

You will be issued with a personalised timetable based on your subject choices on your first day at college. 

What can I do when I don't have a timetabled lesson?

You won't have classes all of the time and are encouraged to use the facilities in the Learning Resources Centre to get on with homework, coursework and revision. 

You can also meet friends in The Courtyard, our student social space, or use the TRSports Centre if you decide to join. 

Once you are familiar with the college timetable you will be permitted to leave the premises when you have a free period. 

Attendance at all timetabled lessons is monitored and attendance data will be sent home to parents/carers in your review letter.  ​

Where c​an I get something to eat/drink?

You can bring your lunch to College, or you can purchase something to eat from the Canteen.  We offer a full meals service with a daily changing menu, vegetarian and Halal options, hot and cold sandwiches, salads and snacks.  We also have a number of vending machines dispensing hot and cold drinks and snacks.  ​

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 22 students.  ​

How often will I see my Tutor?

You will meet with your Tutor regularly in both whole group sessions and on an individual basis.  On starting College this will be once per week. 

Will my parents/carers be informed of my progress whilst at College?

Yes, your parents/carers will be sent review tracking and attendance data twice per academic year, providing details of your grades and progress in your studies.

We also hold two parent/carer consultation evenings per academic year for your parents/carers to speak to your teachers and tutor about your progress whilst at TRC.  

Are there any taster days​​?

Yes, we run an Induction course in the summer after you have completed your GCSE examinations and left school.  The Induction course plays an important role in your transition between school and starting college in September. 

What will happen at Induction?

You will be invited into College to experience life as a TRC student.  We will put together a timetable of 4 subjects which you will choose during your interview, giving you the opportunity to sample lessons, try out new subjects and meet the teachers.  All students will also undertake a short screening exercise to help us identify skills and areas where we can offer further learning support if required.

Induction really helps with the transition between school and college.  You will become more familiar with the college buildings and have opportunity to make some new friends.  Information will also be available on our enrichment programme, becoming part of our Student Crew, joining our TRSports centre, careers and work placement and signing up for one of our representative sports teams.   

Can I change my mind​​ about which courses I want to study?

Yes, providing you meet any specific course entry requirements you can choose different courses at enrolment to the ones indicated on your application form or sampled at Induction. 

After your interview, if you would like to change your choice of subjects for the Induction Course, please contact Admissions on 01709 300606.

What if I don't get my predicted grades / meet the entry criteria?

Our Careers Team will be on hand during enrolment to advise you of your options.  It may be that you can choose a different combination of courses, or can enrol on a Level 2 programme to boost your grades, prior to commencing a Level 3 course the following year. 

What will happen at enrolment?

After your interview you will be given a date and time to come and enrol at TRC.  You must enrol in person and bring a photocopy of all your examination results with you.  Staff will check your results and you will finalise your choice of courses.  You will have your photograph taken for your student ID card and be issued with learning contracts.  The process will last 1 - 2.5 hours.  Careers advice ​will be available throughout the enrolment process should you require any further guidance.  ​